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Designing a Sitting Area

Design Tips

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When designing our living room I always envisioned creating a cozy, relaxing sitting area; a place I could see myself curling up next to the fireplace reading a book or watching a movie with my kiddos. Can you visualize it?? Now fast forward to my reality……
I tried a few different chairs but they either lacked the cozy factor or were comfortable but not stylish. This was a lot harder then I thought it would be, maybe because I had been creating this little corner in my head for so long and I had some serious wish list items! This was when I decided I needed to go custom. This way I could pick the comfort level and style so it would match my other living room furniture.
That’s when I found this gorgeous Amelia Chair from Sixpenny! It’s an oversized chair big enough for cuddling with my kids and bringing my vision of the perfect sitting area to a reality- exactly what I was looking for! The first step was picking the fabric. I ordered a bunch of their samples so I could get a good look at how they would work with the other furniture in my living room. I decided to go with the Cotton Linen in the Pacific Pearl and it’s simply beautiful. For the chair fill I wanted something ultra cozy so I picked the feather down fill and it didn’t disappoint!
Next I added a throw blanket and a few pillows with some fun patterns and great texture to give it that cozy welcoming feel. Then I completed the look with some faux greenery and a few of my favorite pieces of decor! 
This little corner has become the best seat in the house, literally!! I thought I would spend a lot of time here but truth be told, I have to fight my kids for a turn in our new sitting area….haha!! Needless to say we are thoroughly enjoying it and because this chair has a slipcover I don’t have to worry about spills and sticky fingers.
-Grey Birch Designs-

Teen Bedroom Update

Design Tips

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Last year when I updated my daughter’s room the one thing I didn’t change was her bed. I knew what I wanted but just couldn’t find the perfect bed, that is until I came across Charles P. Rogers They have an amazing selection of metal frame beds, exactly what I was looking for!
I’ve always loved metal beds but it’s hard to find a high quality one that doesn’t wiggle and squeak. Charles P. Rogers is known for their high quality beds so I felt confident going with a trusted name! When I came across this  Cottage Bed it was love at first sight! The style and lines of this bed are perfect. It’s soft with round corners, perfect for a girl’s room but can be easily dressed to fit a boy’s room!

I have been extremely impressed with the quality of this bed and how well it fits the style of my daughter’s room! Right now they are running a special sale for all of you so you can save between $50-$500 off your entire purchase of $299 or more with code: WSB2020 from Charles P. Rogers Check out all their beautiful beds and take advantage of the sale while it lasts!!

-Grey Birch Designs-

Living Room Re-Fresh with RC Willey

Design Tips

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Our living room is the most used space in our home so it only makes sense that we make it the most loved space as well. There were a few things that were very important for me to achieve in this space. First, there had to be enough comfortable sitting for my family of 7! Second, it had to be beautiful as well as functional, which is the tricky part. I also felt our living room was a bit dark so it was important for me to lighten the space up. Once I had an idea of what was important I went shopping at my favorite furniture store RC Willey

Within a few minutes I found exactly what I was looking for! The beautiful Griffin Sectional Sofa It checked all the boxes! It had beautiful style and light color to brighten up the room, and lots of seating for my family, something our previous set up was lacking.
Once I had the sofa picked out it was time to design the rest of the room around it. My favorite section at RC Willey is the Magnolia Home line. I pretty much love everything in the collection so I knew I would find just what I wanted! I ended up picking the Magnolia Coffee Table and matching Magnolia End Table I love the style of these pieces and the wood top is so unique!
I couldn’t be happier with how my living room re-fresh turned out. This space is now so light, bright and inviting! Plus it fits my whole family making is perfect for movie nights!
Before                           After

-Grey Birch Designs-

Master Bedroom Makeover

Design Tips

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This month I have been working to update my master bedroom. I have had the same bedroom set for the past 12 years! It has seen better days so it was the first thing to go! I loved the black wood bed we had for so long, but I wanted something softer that would also make a statement in my room!

After I had an idea of what I wanted I headed over to check out Overstock to see what they had. That’s when I found my dream bed!! I knew it was perfect the moment I saw it. It was large, striking, and the statement piece I was looking for. The tufted upholstered headboard also gave it that softness I wanted!

After I picked out the bed, I found the perfect bedding and changed out some of the decor for a brand new master bedroom update!!
I’m always so impressed with the selection and prices that Overstock has, and this bed is a perfect example of that! I have seen similar beds like this for double the price at other popular retailers. 
Check out this link for more info on my new bed!
-Grey Birch Designs-

Kitchen Faucet Update

Design Tips

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I have been giving our kitchen a little love lately. The first thing I did was swap out our old kitchen faucet with this beautiful BLANCO EMPRESSA™ Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet and matching BLANCO EMPRESSA™ Soap Dispenser 

I absolutely love this faucet. Its beautiful design and clean lines are just the look I was going for in my modern farmhouse style kitchen. I went with the stainless steel option but they have so may to choose from: oil rubbed bronze, polished nickel, and polished chrome are all great choices for this faucet! The pull-down dual spray ability and the high pressure make me feel like I’m in a professional kitchen!

The installation was very easy and straight forward too. It took us about 30 mins to hook it up and then we were in business with this new beautiful faucet and soap dispenser 
This is the first time I have had a soap dispenser built into my sink and I have to say I’ll never go back! I love how clean and streamlined it makes my sink area look. I also love how they have so many options of styles and finishes for their dispensers, so no matter what faucet you pick there is a matching soap dispenser to pair it with!
It’s amazing how just a simple swap of my faucet has given my kitchen such a new and fresh look!!
Check out my faucet/soap dispenser and all the other beautiful options that Blanco has to offer!!
-Grey Birch Designs-

3 Ways to Style Your Fireplace Mantel

Seasonal Decor

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Decorating your fireplace mantel can be tricky, and if you’re like me and want a new look for each season/holiday it can get expensive. I have come up with three ways you can style your mantel using the same core anchor pieces, making it easier to switch out the smaller decor from season to season!

Everyday Look

farmhouse styled fireplace, arched mirror, wood sign, glass vases

First let’s establish our anchor pieces that will be used throughout all the different looks. My biggest focal point is the larger mirror. I chose this one because it is a perfect piece to use in layering without being distracting. The wood frame and simple design draws your eye in but doesn’t distract from the sign that’s in front of it. The other anchor pieces I have are the vases with tall flowers on each side. This works great to get everything symmetrical, making it ok to keep the mirror and large sign off-center because the vases bring balance to the whole display. Finally, for this everyday look, I added the “home” sign and wood beads as decor. They look great and are easy to switch out!

Spring Look

Spring farmhouse styled fireplace, arched mirror, large sign that says "Alright Spring do your thing" white tulips, glass vases

For my spring look I swapped out my “home” sign for this larger spring sign, and added some wood beads on the vases. I also found these cute glass bottles at the Target dollar spot and put some real touch tulips in each one to give it a spring touch. By keeping the anchor pieces I didn’t have to change a lot but got a whole new look for spring!!

Summer Look

Summer farmhouse styled fireplace, arched mirror, wood candle sticks, glass vases with faux greenery, boxwood wreath

For my summer look I did something a little different than before. I love lots of greenery in the summer so I wanted to show that. I changed the cotton stems I had in the glass vases to some faux seeded eucalyptus, added some faux succulents inside 2 different color mason jars, added a faux boxwood wreath over my mirror, and added some fun vintage candle sticks and candles. Just like before, I kept my anchor pieces the same and incorporated smaller/different decor for a new season and fresh look!!

-Grey Birch Designs-

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My Paint Colors

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One of the most common questions I’m asked is what paint colors are in my home. Deciding on what colors to use in your home can sometimes be a nerve-wracking decision. I hope this post helps answer some of the questions you have before heading to the paint department and being completely overwhelmed by the thousands of paint colors to choose from……..
Paint Brand
First I want to talk about paint brands since there are so many to choose from. I have tried many different brands, and for the most part, I don’t see a huge difference from say Valspar to Sherwin Williams. One thing I do think is important is to get at least the mid range quality paint. Don’t go with the cheapest one, because you will end up paying more in the long run by needing additional coats. I really like paint + primer. I feel it goes on thicker and covers better. I can usually get away with one coat, unless I’m painting over a darker color wall. Another thing to remember, since there are so many different brands out there, is the price can vary significantly from a more economical paint to a designer paint. I tend to fall in love with designer colors and fortunately places like Lowe’s and Home Depot will color match just about any color for use in an economical brand.

Paint Finish
I never used to realize how important paint finish is to the life of your walls until I had kids…..hahaha!! I was the person that always picked flat paint because I didn’t want it to shine. Well I have learned just how important the shine is!! Flat paint is a dirt magnet, but satin or semi-gloss paint is cleanable and wipeable. So for this reason I ALWAYS suggest at least a satin or higher finish.
My Paint Colors
Nearly all of the colors in my home are Benjamin Moore but color matched in Valspar paint. Some people say its not a 100% perfect match but I have been very happy with the colors and don’t notice any difference. My wallet appreciates it too!! I also often use true or pure white paint for trim or other accents. I like using this because I don’t notice any other colors pulling through the white. Whites can be tricky since there are so many tones to choose from. It’s very easy to love a white on paper and find that you see blues or tans in it once it’s on your wall. I have never had this problem when just using a pure white. Even if I have cool or warm tones in a room it always reads a true white and nothing else!
Living Room

  • Walls: Revere Pewter in satin by Benjamin Moore
  • Shiplap Wall: Pure white in satin by Valspar


  • Walls: Revere Pewter in satin by Benjamin Moore
  • Cabinets: Custom color from manufacturer but all door trim and base boards are Dover White by Sherwin Williams and a near perfect match
  • Pantry Door: Peppercorn in semi-gloss by Sherwin Williams 


  • Walls: Revere Pewter in satin by Benjamin Moore
  • Trim & Ceiling: Dover White in satin by Sherwin Williams
Dining Room

  • Walls: Revere Pewter in satin by Benjamin Moore
  • Board and Batten: Pure white in semi-gloss by Valspar
Guest Room

  • Walls: Silver Fox in satin by Benjamin Moore 

  • Walls: Revere Pewter in satin by Benjamin Moore
  • Trim & Ceiling: Dover White in satin by Sherwin Williams
Master Bedroom

  • Walls: Revere Pewter in satin by Benjamin Moore
  • Shiplap Wall: Pure white in satin by Valspar paint
Master Bathroom

  • Walls: Dover Grey in satin by Sherwin Williams 
  • Trim & Ceiling: Dover White in satin by Sherwin Williams 
  • Cabinets: Same as kitchen cabinets 

    My Twins Room

    • Walls: Glacier Mist in satin by Valspar
    • Trim & Ceiling: Dover White in satin by Sherwin Williams 
    My Little Guy’s Room

    • Walls: Dover Grey in satin by Sherwin Williams 
    • Trim & Ceiling: Dover White in satin by Sherwin Williams 
    • Feature Wall: Dover Grey in satin by Sherwin Williams
    My Daughter’s Room
    • Walls: Rose Buff in satin by Valspar
    • Trim & Ceiling: Dover White in satin by Sherwin Williams 
    Interior Doors

    • Doors: Peppercorn in semi-gloss by Sherwin Williams
    • Trim: Dover White in satin by Sherwin Williams
    One last tip! Paint colors can look slightly different in your home due to your home’s light and color scheme. It’s important to try a sample of the colors you’re thinking about using on a wall in your home just to make sure it’s what you’re wanting before investing in a lot of paint!
    Happy painting my friends!
    -Grey Birch Designs-

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