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2022 Christmas Tree

Design Tips

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For my Christmas tree this year I went with a natural organic design and color pallet. I used green, gold, bronze, brown, black, and white. It turned out beautiful, classic, and neutral just how I hoped it would!

One of my favorite ways to add fullness and texture to a Christmas tree is with floral and greenery picks. I used a few different greenery stems and some berry sprays on my tree. My #1 tip when doing this is to make sure your stems are always facing down your tree.

Tip #2 is to use varying size, shape and texture ornaments. You can make a beautiful tree with only round ball ornaments simply by following this tip! This will help the stems flow with the natural direction of the tree which looks more realistic. Below I linked all the pieces I used on my tree this year!

9′ Pre-Lit Christmas Tree

Cedar Snow Berry Spray

Norfolk Pine Stem

Gold Glitter Leaf Spray

6″ Glittered 2 Tone Ball

Black Round Ornament

Large Pearl Ornament

Champagne Quilted Ornament

Marbled Matte Cream and Brown Ornament

Marbled Nude Finish Ornament

Gold and Clear Ornament

Gold Bell

Dried Sun Palm

Faux Eucalyptus


Most of the things I used on my tree were new this year. However, some are from years past and therefore not available, so I can’t link them.


-Grey Birch Designs-

All Modern Cyber Sale

Design Tips

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When it comes to interior design styles, mine is a mix of transitional and modern farmhouse. Because of this there are a few retailers I tend to gravitate toward. One of these is All Modern. I used a few of their pieces in my last home and plan to do the same in my new one. While shopping online I spotted a few pieces I love that are part of All Modern’s coming up cyber sale!

These items are beautiful, will work with many different home styles, and are on a great sale. Check out my All Modern cyber sale round up below!

Shop This Post Here






-Grey Birch Designs-

Window Treatments – Why we went with Shutters


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One of the most important elements of interior design and many times overlooked is window treatments. They are not only necessary for privacy, but they can also make a major statement and bring your home’s design to the next level.

In my home I installed Polywood® Shutters from Sunburst Shutters on just about every window. I love the clean, modern lines that fit my style perfectly.This type of window treatment brings a classic elegance to each room that will never go out of style.

The Polywood® Shutters are the perfect choice because they are 100% custom made to fit each window. They are also made in the USA and specifically engineered with a durable recyclable solid wood substitute; so they won’t chip, crack, warp, or split.

The installation was easy and painless. Sunburst Shutters sent out someone to take all the measurements and place the order. Then when my custom shutters were ready they delivered and installed them. One feature that sets Polywood® Shutters apart from other plantation shutters is they are extruded with an exclusively patented weather stripping, which adds another layer of window insulation. We all know that windows are a primary source of heat gain/loss inside a home, but these shutters have weather-stripping along each side to provide optimal window insulation, blocking more temperature and light than any other shutter.

This was a big selling point for me because my daughter’s and twin son’s rooms at the front of our home are greatly affected by the heat of the summer sun and the cold of the winter


We have now gone through our first winter with these new shutters in our home. I can say from first hand experience that there was a noticeable temperature difference in my kids’ bedrooms. They are a world of difference from the basic blinds we used to have!



There are a ton of window treatment options out there and I’m super happy with my decision.

These new shutter are the perfect fit for my home and my design style. Plus they are a true classic that never goes out of style!! Now I’m on to the next design project!

-Grey Birch Designs-

Living Room Update

Design Tips

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hunter Fan Company. All opinions are 100% mine.

I recently gave my living room a little update. I have been really loving the more eclectic, lived-in look than the matchy matchy look. I wanted my living room to have a warm, inviting feel with a mix of old vintage and new modern designs.

I started with my sectional pillows. Instead of picking 2 or 3 of the same throw pillows and repeating them throughout the sofa, I picked 7 different pillows that all complemented each other but were still different. This really makes the room feel like things have been collected over time and not staged. Next I changed my rug to a larger size. Our living room is pretty big and our previous 8×10 rug didn’t adequately fill out the space. I went with this new rug because of all its amazing texture. I’m a sucker for good high texture pieces!

The biggest change was upgrading our ceiling fan to this matte black Solaria from Hunter Fan Company It’s the best fan we have ever had. We had previously had a 52″ fan in here and it really didn’t move the air around very well so it was time for it to go!

Aside from this fan being a larger size, 60″ in fact it has the brands exclusive SureSpeed technology, which means it’s a high-velocity fan with airflow optimized for high-speed cooling … and let me tell you that’s exactly what it does! The fan has specially designed blades and the motor is smaller, which makes it push air more efficiently 20% more airflow than other fans! It also has an LED light, which is nice because we have been switching all our lights to LED – they are long lasting and energy efficient. But my favorite thing about this fan is thepre-paired and ready to use wall control! It eliminates the need for a remote and that’s a total game changer. There is nothing more frustrating than losing your fan remote and not be able to control it … believe me I know from first hand experience.

I have only seen this wall control feature on Hunter fans and I think it’s the smartest design I have ever seen! All you do it install in on your switch plate and it’s ready to use. You can turn it on and off through the wall control, as well as change the direction the fan spins and the speed, all from one place! Yay for never misplacing your ceiling fan remote again!!

The last thing I did to round out this room update was add in some vintage and faux vintage looking pottery, warm wood tones, house plants, and some candles! It wasn’t a big change but boy does this space feel more homie and functional, with an eclectic vibe that I’m completely in love with!!

-Grey Birch Designs-

The Design Inspiration Behind my Sunroom

Design Tips

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 Over the past few months I have felt my style evolving, not necessarily changing but just becoming more refined. It’s funny to look back on how my style has changed over the years and grown up right along with me! One thing I have always loved is a vintage twist in my decor. I love to mix styles, specifically modern with a twist of vintage vibe, and that’s exactly what I did in my sunroom!

Rich wood tones, vintage inspired pottery, live house plants, and beautiful textured rugs and textiles all come together to create this space our family uses everyday.

The real star of this room is my new handmade vintage inspired Rune rug from Revival Rugs. I have been a long time fan of their beautiful rugs and I’m so excited to add one into my home! I love the natural colors,  the beautiful design, and of course I’m a sucker for any rug with fringe!! This rug is inspired by nomadic tribes. They were limited by the size loom they would make their rugs on, so they would commonly join long narrow panels together to make a larger, wider rug. How cool is that! I love knowing the story and history behind vintage pieces, as well as the design inspiration of vintage reproductions. It truly gives more life to a piece of decor for me.


This room is the perfect space for my new rug because this is where I have so many of my vintage inspired faux found pottery I have made. Have you tried this project yet?! I’m seriously obsessed with making these! They are the perfect compliment to each other and bring the whole look and feel of the space together, with a little bit of a story! This room has such a warm welcoming feel to it now and it’s a place we love to gather together as a family and enjoy a meal!

Revival rugs not only has vintage inspired handmade rugs, but also a collection of true one of a kind vintage rugs that you can’t find anywhere else! Check them out here and use my code: GREYBIRCH10 to save yourself 10% off a truly beautiful and unique rug for your home that will last the test of time!

-Grey Birch Designs-

Bedroom Makeover with RC Willey

Design Tips

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At the beginning of the year I had one project in mind that was at the top of my list: refreshing my bedroom!! The bedroom furniture had definitely seen better days – it was the same set we had when we got married 15 years ago!! 
I started this bedroom project by painting the shiplap wall this beautiful navy blue color (blue endeavour by Sherwin-Williams) that I quickly became obsessed with, and the rest of the room bright white. I knew I wanted a more modern but still comfortable bedroom design so I headed to one of my favorite local furniture stores,

I ended up picking out these nightstands The big selling point for me was the power strip in the top drawer so I can charge my phone and keep the top of the nightstand clear of clutter – total game changer! I also fell in love with the matching highboy dresser I love the color and texture of the wood in these pieces. To soften the look I wanted to bring in an ulpostered bed and this grey tufted bed couldn’t be more perfect!! The soft color, nail head trim detail, and clean lines are exactly what I was looking for!

To bring the whole design together I added new clean crisp white bed linens, some pillows, and a blanket with pops of navy to complement my newly painted shiplap wall. I also added two cute stools at the foot of my bed and some fun pieces of decor! I’m beyond excited with how it turned out and I know these pieces will stand the test of time!
-Grey Birch Designs-

Designing a Sitting Area

Design Tips

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When designing our living room I always envisioned creating a cozy, relaxing sitting area; a place I could see myself curling up next to the fireplace reading a book or watching a movie with my kiddos. Can you visualize it?? Now fast forward to my reality……
I tried a few different chairs but they either lacked the cozy factor or were comfortable but not stylish. This was a lot harder then I thought it would be, maybe because I had been creating this little corner in my head for so long and I had some serious wish list items! This was when I decided I needed to go custom. This way I could pick the comfort level and style so it would match my other living room furniture.
That’s when I found this gorgeous Amelia Chair from Sixpenny! It’s an oversized chair big enough for cuddling with my kids and bringing my vision of the perfect sitting area to a reality- exactly what I was looking for! The first step was picking the fabric. I ordered a bunch of their samples so I could get a good look at how they would work with the other furniture in my living room. I decided to go with the Cotton Linen in the Pacific Pearl and it’s simply beautiful. For the chair fill I wanted something ultra cozy so I picked the feather down fill and it didn’t disappoint!
Next I added a throw blanket and a few pillows with some fun patterns and great texture to give it that cozy welcoming feel. Then I completed the look with some faux greenery and a few of my favorite pieces of decor! 
This little corner has become the best seat in the house, literally!! I thought I would spend a lot of time here but truth be told, I have to fight my kids for a turn in our new sitting area….haha!! Needless to say we are thoroughly enjoying it and because this chair has a slipcover I don’t have to worry about spills and sticky fingers.
-Grey Birch Designs-

Teen Bedroom Update

Design Tips

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Last year when I updated my daughter’s room the one thing I didn’t change was her bed. I knew what I wanted but just couldn’t find the perfect bed, that is until I came across Charles P. Rogers They have an amazing selection of metal frame beds, exactly what I was looking for!
I’ve always loved metal beds but it’s hard to find a high quality one that doesn’t wiggle and squeak. Charles P. Rogers is known for their high quality beds so I felt confident going with a trusted name! When I came across this  Cottage Bed it was love at first sight! The style and lines of this bed are perfect. It’s soft with round corners, perfect for a girl’s room but can be easily dressed to fit a boy’s room!

I have been extremely impressed with the quality of this bed and how well it fits the style of my daughter’s room! Right now they are running a special sale for all of you so you can save between $50-$500 off your entire purchase of $299 or more with code: WSB2020 from Charles P. Rogers Check out all their beautiful beds and take advantage of the sale while it lasts!!

-Grey Birch Designs-

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