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Why we switched our whole family over to organic mattresses from Naturpedic


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Earlier this year we made the decision to switch our whole family over to organic mattresses from Naturepedic. This has proven to be one of the best decisions we have made when it comes to our sleep. I had previously learned about all the harmful chemicals used in manufacturing traditional mattresses and this is what sparked the change. A traditional mattress has many toxic chemicals that are used in the manufacturing stage and these chemicals can build up in your body night after night as you sleep in your bed. These same chemicals have been linked to some very scary diseases and that alone was enough for me to send our old mattress flying out the window!
With these 100% organic mattresses I can sleep well knowing that our whole family is protected and can sleep healthy! The founder is a certified environmental engineer and this business was brought about due to a lack of organic mattresses on the market. He went to purchase a crib mattress for his first grandchild and couldn’t find one that was chemical free, so he made his own and that’s how Naturerpedic was born!

We picked the Serenade mattress in cushion-firm for our oldest child. The Serenade features a hybrid design, combining organic latex for pressure-point relief and encased coil support that gently contours your body. Our daughter absolutely loves it!!

We picked out the Chorus mattress for our younger daughter and our twin boys. It’s packed with real fibers that wick away moisture and a soft microcoil comfort layer that breathes and dissipates heat efficiently for a cool and comfortable sleep. This is ideal for our boys who tend to be hot sleepers, and our daughter says it’s the most comfortable bed she has ever had!

Our mattress is the Halcyon Arcadia and it’s the most luxurious mattress I have every slept on. I’m not joking when I say I look forward to slipping into bed each night! Something that is so amazing about this mattress is you can customize the softness or firmness. It’s multi-layered zippered construction provides flexibility as your needs change over time plus the ability to adjust the comfort of the bed to each sleeper’s preferences. That’s a game changer right there! If you like a softer bed and your spouse prefers something more firm, you can each have what fits you in the same mattress!!

I have also been told by our youngest that it’s a great bed to jump and do belly flops on because it’s so soft…….haha!!! Good thing he’s a cutie!


Finally, for our youngest we picked out the Verse mattress. This is the ideal mattress for kids! It is solid, supportive, and comfortable. The slightly firmer feel is key to helping support kids’ developing bones as they sleep and my little guy couldn’t be happier! He used to be the first one to wake up in our house and many times didn’t sleep well through the night. Now I find myself having to wake him up in the mornings!! 

These mattresses have truly been a blessing to our family, and having the peace of mind knowing that we are all sleeping healthy is priceless! 

The most important things to look for in an organic mattress, along with a company’s certifications and awards, are these key things, all of which I found with Naturepedic:
• Certified organic cotton
• Certified organic wool
• Certified organic latex
• Steel innerspring
• Organic cotton encase coils
I know everyone can agree that the health of your loved ones is always at the top of your list. Before I knew about all the awful scary things that go into making a traditional mattress I had no idea the potential risk to my family’s health each night was. Now I can throw that worry out the window along with our old mattresses and sleep care free and healthy!

-Grey Birch Designs-

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