DIY Placemat Pillow

Throw pillows are one of the easiest ways to change up your decor and give it a fresh new look, and I love these DIY placemat pillows because they are very affordable! So here is what you need to make these cute pillows:

-Any placemat of your choosing (mine are from the Hearth and Hand Collection at Target)
Step 1:
Find the seam along the bottom and use your seam ripper to cut the thread and make an opening about the width of your hand.
Step 2:
Take your bag of Poly-fil and stuff your placemat to the fullness you like. I ended up using the whole 12 oz size bag for one pillow, but I like mine to be full and over-stuffed.

Step 3:
It’s time to close up your pillow! Take your fabric glue and run a little bit along the seam you opened with your seam ripper. Then pinch it together with your fingers for a few seconds until you can feel that it is holding. Continue this until you have completely closed your seam.
That’s it, pretty easy, right? And now you have a pillow!! I have also made these with down pillow inserts from Ikea instead of Poly-fil, and they work very well.
Hope you give this easy DIY a try!!
-Grey Birch Designs-

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