My Twins Room Make-Over

The room make-over I did for my twins last month has to be one of my favorite projects so far this year. I didn’t really change a lot of stuff but the room was fully transformed and it looks like a completely different room!!

The first thing we did was paint the walls and add board and batten around the whole room. It was a pretty easy project because we did faux board and batten by just using strips of MDF to make rectangle boxes on the wall. This project made a huge change and really brightened up the room (check out my Instagram highlights to see how we did it) 
The next thing we did was paint the top of the wall a pretty light grey. It’s called Icy Avalanche by Olympic It’s one of my absolute favorite light grey colors and it gave this room the clean, classic look I just love!
Finally we changed the bedding to my absolute favorite bedding by Beddy’s
We picked the Modern Grey all cotton Beddy’s sets for both boys and put their Check Mate and Grey Rugby blankets at the foot of the bed. These bedding sets are a game changer for us. My boys easily make their beds in less than 10 minutes everyday without me even asking!! So not only are they cozy, high quality, and super cute, but they make life easier! That’s definitely a mom win in my book and I feel they are completely worth every penny!
As far as the furniture, we kept it all the same and just moved things around. I added in a few pieces of decor that I had in other rooms to freshen it up a little more. All in all it was a project that I’m very happy with and it took us less than a week from start to finish. Now my boys’ room is one of my favorite rooms in the house!
Check out my before and after!! 
After                       Before
One thing I have been thinking would be so fun to add to my youngest sons room is a mural!! I have found some that I absolute love from a company called Photo Wall! They have a HUGE selection, the headset part is narrowing down my favorite ones! Check them out here:
-Grey Birch Designs-
  1. Unknown says:

    So nice! That bedding from Beddy's looks like a life saver. Great room. Thx forbaharing! Lori/Ohio

  2. Unknown says:

    Where are the adorable skull pillows from? Love them!

  3. Sophia says:

    What fabric options do I have for making curtains for my living room?
    I have a sewing machine and am planning on making curtains for my living room. I would like some guidance from someone who sews and/or has specific knowledge regarding fabrics. I am not interested in sheer or shiny fabrics. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

  4. Kristin says:

    Love this style! Do you remember where the bed frames are from? (I saw them posted by beddys Instagram).

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