Peel and Stick Wallpaper

One of my new favorite ways to give a space a punch of interest is with a feature wall. You can do this many different ways, using materials such as paint, wall treatments, shiplap, etc. There are so many great options out there these days, but my new favorite is wallpaper, and not just any wallpaper, but this beautiful peel and stick wallpaper by Rocky Mountain Decals!!
I can’t get over how beautiful it is and the quality is amazing!! I’m so excited to partner with Rocky Mountain Decals on my loft/playroom update! It was so easy to do and took no time at all. With the help of my husband, I transformed this space from plain and boring to spectacular! 

Check out the process of how we installed this peel and stick wallpaper in just a couple hours!
The first thing we did was prep our wall. Since this is removable wallpaper, they recommend that your walls be painted in with semi-gloss or gloss paint. Since our wall was already painted with semi-gloss, all we had to do was fill the nail holes and take down our blinds.
Next, we lay out the strips of wallpaper. They have made it so extremely easy by numbering each piece and rolling it up in order, so you know where to start and what comes next!!
Now it’s time to get your first piece up on the wall!! We started at the top and pulled off the backing just enough to stick it to the top. This was key to make sure we had it all lined up straight.
This next part is definitely a two person job. You will need one person at the top smoothing the wallpaper down while the other person is slowly pulling the backing off the wallpaper. To eliminate bubbles, start smoothing down the paper from the middle and then working your way out to the sides.
One thing that is important to remember if you are wallpapering a wall that has a window is to pretend it’s not there and wallpaper right over it. Once you are done you can come back with a razor blade and cut your window out. This will give you the cleanest and most seamless look. The same goes for the bottom of each strip of wallpaper. You will have a couple extra inches at the bottom. Just let that rest on your baseboard and when you’re done you can come back and cut it off!
Another thing that I loved that made this install so easy was the fact that they have these handy little tools to help get any air bubbles out. If you find a bubble, all you do is take this tool and push the bubble to the sides, and just like that it’s gone!!
And that’s it! Pretty easy, right?!? I’m absolutely in love with my new wall, and thanks to Rocky Mountain Decals this room went from an unfinished room that drove me nuts to one of the coolest spots to hang out in the house!!
Check out Rocky Mountain Decals and see all their beautiful designs!!
-Grey Birch Designs-

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