Upscaled Coffee Station with ColorShot

Most people keep their coffee maker out on their countertop, but it’s not the prettiest thing to look at! I wanted to create a countertop coffee station that was compact, functional, and appealing to the eye. I challenged myself to come up with a different kind of DIY. I didn’t want to have to build anything, buy a bunch of stuff, or spend a lot of money, so upscaling items was the perfect solution!!

I made a list of the must have items in my coffee station:

-A cup holder
-A tray big enough to hold everything
-A place to hold my coffee pods
-Some decor to make it cute
I went out hunting for things that would meet these needs but were as budget friendly as possible. I knew the colors of the items didn’t really matter because I could change them. The main focus was the right size and functionality. 
I found the perfect size canister for my coffee pods, a large enough tray to hold everything, a mug holder, and the perfect size sign to make it cute and also hide those ugly power cords! I got all this for under $40. The only problem was none of the items were the ideal color or matched my style. My next step was to figure out my color scheme with the help of all the amazing paint colors available from ColorShot 
For this project I used:
I wanted a distressed look for my tray so I first painted it with Blackout Once it dried I painted it with Marshmallow and sanded it to get some of that black paint to show through, giving it a great distressed look! For my mug holder and coffee pod canister I wanted to bring in a copper color so I used Lucky Penny on both of these!
The last thing I did was create a cute coffee sign. I popped the wood board out of the frame, painted the background with Blackout and laid down my stencil. I sprayed the stencil with Marshmallow and then I pulled more of that pretty copper color into my sign by using the Lucky Penny-Paint Pen to color in the coffee cup. I wanted it to have a vintage look, so before the paint dried I blotted it with a paper towel. I repeated this step 3 times to get the look and depth of color I wanted. Check out this video for more details on how I made this fun sign!
This project made such a difference in our kitchen!! I set out to make something functional, compact, and beautiful all on a budget and I think I hit all those points! 

Before               After

All ColorShot paint products are available at Home Depot 
To watch this whole project from start to finish check out this link to my DIY video!!  

-Grey Birch Designs-

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